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By sdridje
January 22, 2024
From the Collision Awards

Top 5 Reasons to Enter the Collision Awards

The Collision Awards honor excellence in Animation & Motion Design across all it forms with categories for Marketing & Communications, Commercials,Television, Film, Experiential and Games & XR. Here 5 Reasons to Enter!

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1. Grow Your Audience on a Global Stage

Animators and motion designers don’t need to be the unsung heroes anymore. We aim to enlighten audiences to the herculean effort that goes into making great work, illuminating the time, skill and creativity put into every frame. By celebrating your work and sharing it with others via our winner’s gallery, global screening tours, among other forms of programming, the Collision Awards will bring new fans (and clients) to your audience. 

2. Use Your Win to Attract New Business

The different ways production companies, media companies, and even institutions and brands use animation and motion design have exploded, bringing new opportunities for designers and animators– along with a lot of competition. As demand for skilled creators grows, it’s more important than ever to position yourself as better than the rest. A Collision Award shows your work is of the highest caliber.

3. Honor Your Team’s Contributions

Whether it’s made at a major studio or by independent artists, animation is a team effort. Entering The Collision Awards is a fantastic way to acknowledge your team’s hard work, uplift morale, and support their career progression. Displaying your proficiency in creating outstanding animated and motion work not only highlights your team’s skills but also attracts top talent to join your company.

4. Have Your Work Seen by Industry Leaders

By placing your work in front of our robust, invitation-only jury, Collision Award winners can see exactly how they stack up in the eyes of some of the most highly skilled and revered creatives working in the medium. Current judges include global leaders in animation and motion design from companies such as Aardman Animation, Ludo, Nickelodeon and Ubisoft. Your work could end up on the desk of your personal hero!

5. Get the Public’s Opinion

The Collision Viewer’s Choice Award allows members of the public to cast votes for their favorite entrants, awarding the entries with the most votes. Mobilize your audience to help spread word about your work, and let your win show both the wide popularity of your art and the dedication of your fan base. 

Join us in celebrating the unique and incomparable creativity and technical talent in Animation and Motion Design across Marketing & Communications, Commercials, Television, Film, Experiential, Games & XREnter now and let the Collision Awards be the catalyst for your well-deserved recognition.

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