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By sdridje
January 19, 2024
Collision Award Jury Q&A

HaZ Dulull, Founder HaZimation, Director & Producer

HaZimation is a production company creating original animated feature films, video games and the Metaverse.

HaZ Dulull, Founder HaZimation, Director & Producer ( Film, TV & Video Games)
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Meet HaZ Dulull, Founder HaZimation, Director & Producer ( Film, TV & Video Games)

HaZ started his career in VFX before transitioning to directing & producing feature films (The Beyond and 2036 Origin Unknown, both were licensed to Netflix)) and he directed pilot + episodes ( and executive produced) the Disney+ series Fast Layne, before founding production company HaZimation, along with co-founder Paula Crickard (Film post producer veteran including latest – Expendables 4) producing animated feature films, series and video games based on their propriety pipeline utilizing Unreal Engine. The company has recently completed RIFT (animated feature film) and is in production on their next animated feature film (based on the game IP: Mutant Year Zero) setup at their newly launched Belfast office. As well as original PC / Console video games which includes a spin off game to RIFT called Max Beyond (signed with Microsoft ID@Xbox), and most recently released an original UEFN game – Moontopia, available on PC and consoles via Fortnite. Other projects include HaZ directing the game Cinematic’s for DUNE: Awakening ( Funcom / Legendary) .

Q: What was your first job in the industry? What did it teach you?

I was an intern 3D artist at a games company back in 1998 at a studio called Deibus studios, and I learnt everything I could get my hands on. I quickly realised that 3D modelling was not my strong point and found that I loved moving cameras and creating cool shots in racing games, so I guess that was early virtual production / filmmaking for me 🙂

Q: Who inspired you to join the field/who inspired your work?

I knew at the age of 12 i wanted to be in a creative job, watching Blade Runner on my dads VHS blew me away with the world building and complex storytelling I saw in sci-fi back then, and it motivated me at school, college and university to explore world building and grounded sci-fi story telling.

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I am always in awe and inspired by other creatives, especially those who push the boundaries with bold visual story telling.

HaZ Dulull, Founder HaZimation

Q: Which project are you most proud to have worked on?

Definitely my debut feature film THE BEYOND, which was released back in 2018 on all the streaming VODs + Netflix, it was based on my short film Project Kronos which got a lot of attention when it was released back in 2013 (including featured in Variety and got Vimeo staff pick, and landed me representation in Hollywood). The Beyond was a labour of love for me as it defined my voice as a filmmaker in the sci-fi genre+ it was a commercial hit for indie low budget sci-fi as it continues to generate revenue (even today meaning people are still renting/ viewing it!)

Q: What 3 animated pieces of work were among some of your favorite work from 2023?

The Netflix animated feature -Nimona was my fave of the year, but also the video game – High on Life,  the ball-sy, adult humor and great storytelling in action shooter was so well crafted!

Q: What is most exciting for you at the moment within your field?

I think smart uses of A.I to help automate tedious tasks like rotoscoping / generating mattes,  motion capture using machine learning and footage analysis is very very exciting!  

Q: What do you look forward to most as a founding Collision Award jury member?

Seeing the work submitted by amazing talent all over the world,  I am always in awe and inspired by other creatives, especially those who push the boundaries with bold visual storytelling.

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