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By sdridje
March 11, 2024
From the Collision Awards

Which Category is Best For Your Work?

Selecting the right categories are key to winning big at the Collision Awards. Explore our guide of tips and frequently asked questions to find the categories that best suit your work. 

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The Collision Awards is the first award honoring excellence in Animation and Motion Design in all its forms. To honor the variety of animated work found across media, we offer a range of categories within six areas: Marketing & Communications, Commercials, Television, Film, Experiential, and Games & XR

We’re here to help. See our guide below or reach out to our dedicated Customer Service Lead, Annalee Miller, who can assist with any queries. You can contact her at or call at 212-675-3555, Monday-Friday, 8:30am-5pm ET.

1. Understand Your Project

Have a clear understanding of your project’s purpose, content, and functionality. Consider what makes it unique and what its primary focus is. Look for a category that closely matches the essence of your project. Categories should align with the primary purpose and content of your work.

2. Know Your Platform

The Collision Awards accepts animation and motion design work within six areas: Marketing & Communications, Commercials, Television, Film, Experiential, and Games & XR.  Consider where your project lives when deciding between these. Each of these areas have specific categories that relate to each. Specific definitions of each of these, as well as a full list of our categories can be found here.

3. Yes, You Can Enter Multiple Categories

If your project has multiple aspects or can fit into more than one category, you may consider entering it into several categories. Our advice is to make sure that it feels relevant to your work. The piece will be evaluated separately for each instance and category it is entered. It is not uncommon for exceptional work to be honored in more than one category regardless of media type.

4. Play to Your Strengths

We offer a range of general typological categories like Action & Adventure, Social Impact or Comedy as well as specific honors for Craft, Campaigns and Series. These include categories like 2D, 3D, Directing, Editing, Motion Design and more. If your work demonstrates excellence in these areas, consider participating in these categories as well.

5. Ask Us for Category Recommendations

If you still need more help, ask our team! You can reach out to Collision Customer Service Lead Annalee Miller for category recommendations. She is also available for all queries related to the season, entry process, and our judging process!

Submit your work in the inaugural Collision Awards to be  recognized in the first ever award to honor excellence in animation and motion design in all its forms. There is still time to take advantage of early pricing when you enter before the Early Entry Deadline on Friday, April 19th, 2024

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